By Laws



Dedicated to an affirmation of the inherent worth, dignity and educability of African American people and an eradication of problems which stand as obstructions to quality education for all students and particularly African American students.


The Washington Alliance of Black School Educators affirms the inherent worth, dignity and educability of African American people. The Alliance challenges forces which obstruct the achievement, development, and educational opportunities of youth and adults. African American students throughout Washington State encounter problems that are directly related to their ethnic/ cultural status.

African American educators and others directly or indirectly involved in the educational process must develop the necessary structures through which they can meet, share ideas and focus sharply on the unique problems which they and their students face.

The Washington Alliance of Black School Educators will analyze and apply shared knowledge to the eradication of problems which stand as obstructions to quality education for all students and particularly African American Students.


It is the mission of this Alliance to enhance and facilitate the education, health, safety and welfare of African Americans.

Name of the Organization

The name of the organization shall be The Washington Alliance of Black School Educators (WABSE).

Purpose and Functions of the Organization

The purpose of the alliance is to promote and facilitate the education of all students, African American students in particular; to establish a coalition of African American educators and others directly or indirectly involved in the educational process; to create a forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies to improve educational opportunities for African Americans; to identify and develop African American professionals who will assume leadership positions in education and to influence public policy concerning the education of African American people.

The functions of the Alliance shall be:
a. To work to eliminate and to rectify the effects of racism, harassment and sexism in education.
b. To significantly raise the academic achievement level of all students and to place particular emphasis on that type of learning which builds positive and realistic self-concepts among African American students.
c. To establish and promote the degree of awareness, professional expertise and commitment among African American educators necessary to enhance and contribute to the efforts of other educators and community persons.
d. To provide financial and human resources for recruiting African American school personnel, certificated and support personnel.
e. To provide training for all personnel to impact the education and socialization of African American student.
f. To meet and share ideas, proven programs and effective techniques for demonstrating that African American student can learn.
g. To research and promulgate positions on key educational issues which affect African American student as it relates to public policies.



Any person who serves in an administrative, teaching, supportive, supervisory, policy position, or who is associated with any phase of educational work shall be eligible for active membership. Parents and students may be members.
a. Each member shall participate in the commission of his/her choice. Members are encouraged to select the commission which parallels their job functions. Selection of a commission shall be made upon establishing or renewing membership. No member shall hold membership in more than one commission at any time.
b. A member is "in good standing" when the payment of current dues has been confirmed.


The Washington Alliance of Black School Educators shall be composed of five commissions, each of which shall be organized for the purpose of affording meaningful dialogue and participation of members in order to enhance the attainment of the goals of the organization. Each commission will prepare and present, every two years, statements of beliefs, goals and plans of action that are consistent with the philosophy of the Alliance. Each commission shall elect, by majority vote, a chairperson or co-chairs, chairperson-elect, secretary, and other commission officers or representatives, as prescribed by the By-Laws. Such officers will serve terms that are concurrent with the terms of officers of the Alliance. The commissions shall select representatives or other officers as deemed necessary.

The five commissions are:

a. Higher Education. The function of the commission is to cover all aspects directly related for review and assessment of delivery systems, teacher preparation, policies in education and administration.

b. Professional Development. The function of the commission is to examine all aspects directly related to instructional strategies and programs.

c. K - 12 Education. The function of the commission is to focus on instructional strategies, programs and support services delivered at local schools and provides an in-depth analyses of critical issues impacting African-American achievement.

d. Home, Family and Community. The function of the commission is to investigate and advocate the rolls and responsibilities that individuals, businesses and community can play in promoting educational and personal achievement of the African-American child.

e. School-to-Work Opportunities (for students). The function of the commission is to identify and advocate school-to-work transition skills and programs for now and in the future.

Power of Membership

The membership shall be the governing body of the Alliance. It shall be composed of all members in good standing. Any member in good standing is expected to participate fully in Membership Meetings.

a. Members, identified by their official membership badge, in attendance at any legally called meeting shall constitute a quorum.
b. Each member shall have one vote. A majority vote of members voting is necessary to carry a motion
c. The membership shall meet at the annual state conference of the Alliance at such time and place as shall be determined by the Executive Board.
d. The Membership shall:
     1. Receive and act on the annual report of the Executive Board;
     2. Receive and act on the financial and audit reports;
     3. Receive and act on reports of general officers and all standing committees;
     4. Determine dues for membership in the Alliance;
     5. Initiate amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws;
     6.. Propose ideas and strategies for the further development of the goals and objectives of the Alliance;
     7. Receive a copy of the report of the Executive Director.

The Executive Board

The Executive Board shall be composed of the general officers of the Washington Alliance of Black School Educators, presidents of local/regional affiliates and the chairperson of each established commission. The Executive Director, when in existence, shall serve as an ex-officio non-voting member of the Executive Board. The immediate past president shall remain on the Board for one year following his/her term. The President of the organization shall chair the meetings of the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall serve as the representative of the membership, and shall be empowered to make decisions regarding policies established by the Alliance when the membership is not in session.
a. The Executive Board shall meet at least four times per year. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the President or by at least four members of the Board.
b. A quorum shall consist of a majority of members of the Board.
c. Each member of the Executive Board shall have one vote and any official action shall require majority vote.
d. Excluding the office of President, when any general officer is unable to complete the unexpired term. In the case of Commissions, the chairperson-elect shall be designated to fill the unexpired term.
e. An Executive committee of the Executive Board may be established as deemed necessary. Such a committee shall be composed of the President, Secretary, Treasurer and two members of the Executive Board elected by the Board. This committee may act on issues assigned by the Board in the interim between Board meetings.
f. The Executive Board shall determine the time and place of the annual state conference of the Alliance and during such meeting the Executive Board shall meet at least once to conduct the official business of the Alliance. No other meeting shall be scheduled which conflict with this meeting.
g. When affordable, the Executive Board shall be responsible for the employment and termination of an Executive Director and shall execute a contract that shall include duties and responsibilities, salary and benefits, length of contract, and procedure for an annual review of performance.
h. The Executive Board shall prepare an annual report for the membership. The annual report shall include the status of the resolutions.
i. The Executive Board shall receive and act on the report of the Executive Director.


In order to implement its goals and objectives, the Alliance encourages and supports the establishment of local groups of educators at all levels who wish to affiliate with the Alliance. The Executive Board shall have the power to establish, review, and revise criteria for affiliates of the Washington Alliance of Black School Educators. The constitution of the affiliates shall conform to the purpose and functions of the National Constitution and By-Laws.




The general officers of the Washington Alliance of Black School Educators shall be President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. All officers shall be elected from among the Alliance membership. No two general offices shall be held by the same person.

Term of Office

A term of office shall be two years or until a successor is elected and installed.


Any person holding and elected office of the Alliance my be removed for good cause by a two-thirds vote of the Executive Board whenever in its judgment the best interests of the organization shall be served thereby. The reason for removal shall be promulgated to the membership within 90 days of the action.


If there is a vacancy for any reason in any office, except the President-Elect, which is not governed by provisions in these By-Laws for succession to office, the Executive Board shall select from the membership an officer pro tempore to perform the duties of the vacated office until the office is filled by a special election of the Membership at the next Annual State Conference of the Alliance.

In the event a vacancy does occur in the office of President-Elect, it will be filled at the next annual meeting.


The President shall have all powers and duties appropriate to the office of President. The President shall preside at all meetings. The President shall appoint chairpersons of all standing and ad hoc committees, shall establish ad hoc committees, and shall designate a Parliamentarian to preside at all business meetings and a Historian. The President will vote only in case of a tie.


There shall be a President-Elect whose Commission membership and local/regional affiliate must be different from that of the President. The President-Elect shall assume the office of President upon the expiration of the President's term. In the absence or disability of the President, the President-Elect shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President. The President-Elect shall also perform such other duties as shall be prescribed by the President.


The Secretary shall keep minutes of the Executive Committee, the Executive Board and Membership meetings and shall perform other appropriate duties and functions as assigned by the President.


The Treasurer shall be the Chairperson of the Budget Committee which shall study all official audit reports and make recommendations to the Alliance and shall serve on the Audit Committee. The Treasurer in accordance with sound fiscal management procedures and policies as established by the Executive Board shall execute those procedures for signing with the President and disbursement of checks.

Commission Chairpersons

The Commission Chairpersons or co-chairs will be elected from the Commissions that they represent and will serve a two-year term.

The duty of the Commission Chairperson will be to conduct the meetings and coordinate all other activities of the Commission; represent the Commission as a member of the Executive Board; and assume other duties as prescribed by the Executive Board.

The Commission Vice Chairperson will act in the absence of the Commission Chairperson.

Corresponding Secretary

Position voided.


The Parliamentarian shall maintain order at all meetings. The Parliamentarian shall be responsible for providing a parliamentary procedures workshop, at a minimum of three hours annually, for the Executive Committee members.


The Historian will keep a historical record of all major events, maintain archives of the organization's programs and activities and a scapbook containing articles, pictures, etc.

Executive Director



There shall be, as budget affords, an Executive Director whos appointment shall be approved by the Executive Board.


The Executive Director shall direct the administrative, fiscal program and clerical operations and shall be directly responsible to the Executive Board.

The Executive Director shall also be responsible for the implementation of policies and procedures as determined by the Membership and the Executive Board, and shall recommend policy to the Executive Board.

The Executive Director shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Executive Board.

Other specific duties and such items as salary, fringe benefits, and reporting procedures will be included in the annual contract executed between the Executive Director and the Executive Board including a procedure for annual performance review.

The Executive Director shall be bonded, and shall arrange for an audit by a certified public accountant approved by the Executive Board; and shall provide a written report of the audit to the Audit Committee. The Executive Director shall study the financial needs and income of the organization, and shall be responsible, along with the Budget committee, for drafting a budget to be presented to the Executive Board, and subsequently to the general membership for approval at the Annual Conference.

Other Staff

Other staff and consulting personnel as may be hired will undertake such duties, responsibilities and authority as may be delegated by the Executive Board and will be responsible to the Executive Director who is authorized to hire, supervise and discharge such personnel.

Standing Committees

The standing committees of the organization are as follows: Ways and Means, Budget, Audit, Membership, Resolutions, Legislation, Appeals, Nominations and Elections, Constitution and By-Laws and State Conference. The duties and reponsibilities of these standing committtees shall be determined by the Executive Board.



Time of Elections

General officers of the organization shall be elected at the time of the annual conference of each year. Newly elected officers shall be installed at the last business meeting of the Annual Conference following their election.


The Nominations and Elections Committee shall be composed of one Executive Board member elected by the Board and three members elected by the general membership. The Chairperson for the Nominating Committee is to be appointed by the President.
b. The Nominations and Elections Committee shall set up objective criteria for the selection of at least two persons to run for each of the official offices of the organization as stated in the By-Laws.
c. Nominations may be made from the floor by members in good standing at the Annual Conference in the interim year.
d. The slate of candidates will be presented to the Executive Board in September.
e. Ballots and slate will be mailed to membership in October for voting.


All members in good standing shall be eligible to vote.
b. A majority vote of member voting will be required. When necessary, a runoff election between the two top candidates will be held.
c. All ballots will be forwarded to the Secretary to be held for twelve months following the election.
d. The results of the election shall be announced to the Executive Board and membership in December.
e. Installation of officers shall be done at the annual conference.



Annual Meetings

There shall be an Annual Conference of the membership. This conference shall be held at such time and place as the Executive Board will determine. The time of the Annual conference should facilitate maximum participation of the membership. Members shall be notified of said conference not less than ninety days prior to the date thereof. During the Annual Conference, the following kinds of meetings will occur:
a. Membership and Executive Board Combined Meetings
There shall be at least one combined meeting of the membership and the Executive Board to conduct the official business of the organization. No other meetings should be scheduled which conflict with the combined meetings. A quorum shall consist of members present.
b. Commission Meetings
There shall be at least on meeting of each Commission in order to address pertinent pedagogical topics and concerns as they relate to the purposes of the organization and to conduct official commission business. A quorum shall consist of members present.

In addition, the following meetings may occur:
a. General Assembly Meetings
A general assembly meeting may be held to promote the goals and purposes of the Alliance and to acquaint the host community with the organization's activities. Such meetings will be open to the public.
b. Plenary Meetings
Plenary meetings may be held to present relevant topics of interest and concern to the membership.
c. Caucus Meetings
Caucus meetings may be called by any Commission as deemed feasible by a majority of its membership.

Special Meetings

Special meetings of the Alliance may be called at the discretion of the President upon approval of the majority of members of the Executive Board or a the written request, submitted to the President, of at least a third of the general membership in good standing. Written notice of such special meetings shall be mailed to the membership at least thirty days prior to the date of the meeting. The business of the special meeting need not be limited to the agenda as listed on the notice.

Other Meetings

Commissions may hold other meetings throughout the year as deemed feasible by their members.

Meetings of standing, ad hoc, or other committees shall be authorized by the President.


Dues shall be recommended by the Executive Board and determined by the membership by majority vote.


These By-Laws may be amended at any membership meeting or at any special meeting called for that purpose provided that:
a. The proposed amendment had been submitted in writing to the Executive Board.
b. Upon certification of the President that requirement "a" above has been satisfied, the proposed amendment shall be submitted to the membership for its consideration. Such amendments shall require an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members voting.

Order of Business

Unless altered or suspended at any meeting by a majority vote of the members present, the following shall be the order of business at meetings of the organization.
     a. Ascertainment of members present
     b. Reading of minutes of previous meeting
     c. Report of Officers
     d. Report of Nominations and Election Committees
     e. Report of Commissions
     f. Report of other committees
     g. Unfinished business
     h. New business

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the Alliance in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these By-Laws and any special rules of order the Alliance may adopt.


This Constitution and By-Laws shall be in effect upon acceptance of the Washington Alliance of Black School Educators as an affiliate of NABSE.